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Discover the Hylex™ by Samsung: Your Ultimate HVAC Solution

Looking for an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient, and space-saving heating and cooling solution for your residence? Look no further than the Hylex™, a remarkable Samsung product. It’s designed with universal, inverter-driven heat pump technology and is compatible with existing HVAC equipment. Plus, its compact size makes it ideal for properties with limited space, like zero-lot-line homes.

What sets the Hylex™ apart is its seamless compatibility with almost any existing HVAC system. No need for additional equipment, new wires, or complex installations when replacing a traditional cooling-only or heat pump outdoor unit. This translates to quicker and more hassle-free installation, benefiting both contractors and homeowners alike.

Samsung’s innovative design extends to the indoor unit, offering three fan speed control options. This not only increases efficiency but also optimizes dehumidification while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

As the world shifts towards electrification, the Hylex™ is engineered to excel in a range of climates, from mild to harsh, where heat pumps are replacing fossil fuel systems. Each unit comes equipped with a base pan heater for efficient water drainage during defrost cycles.

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