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No Duct Air Conditioning

No duct air conditioning gives you the ability to add climate control to rooms without ducting. Ductless mini splits allow you to install heating & cooling solutions one room at a time, instead of the whole house.

Mini split air conditioners are a great replacement for window units, as they are cost-effective and easy to install in older homes with limited space.

If you’re considering a new AC system or replacing one, you might wonder if it’s better to get central air conditioning or a ductless system. Hoffman Heating & Air can help you decide which option would be best for your home, comfort & budget.

Cut Your Costs with Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini-split systems cool rooms efficiently without the need for air ducts. So you’re bypassing the cost of installing ductwork but still finding a system that can cool rooms in your home.

What ductless system should we install?

When choosing heating and cooling systems, most people want something designed with them in mind. That’s why Samsung mini split products are a great option. They’re ideal for homeowners. Whatever your situation and setup, Samsung mini splits are  the best solution for no duct air conditioning.

Three great reasons to pick Samsung mini splits.

Reason 1: High Efficiency

Sit back, relax, and save. With a ductless mini split system, you’ll equally enjoy lower utility costs and perfect temperatures. When only a single room of the house needs to be cooled or heated, you now have a simple solution. You could also be eligible for local and federal rebates for qualifying ENERGY STAR® products.

Reason 2: Low Noise

Peace and quiet. Wouldn’t that be nice? For homeowners with Samsung mini splits, it’s reality. Samsung systems provide optimal levels of comfort while creating minimal amounts of noise.

Reason 3: Total Control

You’re in charge. Our mini splits come with built-in Wi-Fi, giving you complete control, whether you’re home or not. Through the Samsung SmartThings App, you can operate your unit from anywhere at any time†.

* The Wind-Free unit delivers an air current that is under 0.15 m/s while in Wind-Free mode. Air velocity that is below 0.15 m/s is considered “still air” as defined by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

** Select models are ENERGY STAR® labeled. Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Split system air conditioners and heat pumps (excluding ductless systems) must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet

ENERGY STAR® criteria. Ask us for details or visit www.energystar.gov.

†Available on iOS and Android devices. A network connection is required. Samsung application account is necessary.

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Lakewood, CA

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